Paws 4 Life
is a non-profit organization serving the community through
pets, service dogs, and volunteers working together to bring affordable
training and unique services to the East Valley.  We also offer training to
out of state dogs and handlers for informational purposes through video's.
on our web site.  
Paws 4 Life
Service Dogs complete extensive training, and are
registered through a State-wide Service Dog registry.  They will complete
and 18 month training program, with additional training with local Fire,
Police, Sheriff and water/ horse distraction training. Our Service Dogs
maintain their skills in group training, as well as show off their exceptional
abilities at local schools and events!
5027 East Hidalgo Street   Superstition Foothills   Apache Junction, Arizona  85119 (480) 288-5174
Do you love dogs, working with them, training them, or just playing with
them, while meeting new people at the same time? Or maybe you like
helping  organize events,  even participate in them, then Paws 4 Life is for
you! We welcome new volunteers all the time! We have many fun events
that you would probably love to get involved with too! Paws 4 Life is like a
big extended family. It is also a 100 % volunteer run organization. We are
always open to the public and love the public to get involved with our
monthly  meetings and our many different events. 
We offer a $25
Annual membership.
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Whiskers, Wags, & Whinny's
 is another part of Paws 4 Life. They also
have been joined by the Apache Junction Mounted Rangers, and
Superstition Horsemen's Association, to start up a food bank for
dogs/cats/equines. It has become very apparent that due to the economy
as it is, and the job lay off's, and foreclosures, that many pets are being
turned loose, or just left behind. Whiskers,Wags,& Whinny's was formed
in hopes to keep the pets with their owners, and not at the fate of being
left, or hungry, or homeless.   Paws 4 Life is all about pet owners and their
pets, and being able to keep them together.  Sometimes during hard
times, food for their pets becomes an issue due to budget constraints. To
date Whiskers , Wags, & Whinny's has helped several pet owners be able
to keep their pets. We hope to see this same success for years to come.
a local store in Apache Junction, has a wonderful selection of
pet supplies and they are working with us. They have partnered with us to
help with the distribution of the pet food. Paws 4 life is very happy to have
Tyler, Andy and Craig and Shoppers staff helping us with a good cause,
and they are very community involved
 They will assist in the distribution
of the food for the animals. This is done on a voucher system, once the
applicants have applied, and qualified.  We can only hope that this will
assist pet owners in keeping their pets, and being able to provide for them
in their time of need.
Donations may be made to:
Shoppers Ranch and Home Supply
3003 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ. 85120                     
Phone: 480-646-1026
That is where the food will be.
Donations may also be made by check to either
Paws 4 Life
, or
C/O Tuni House, 5027 E. Hidalgo Street,
Apache Junction, Az. 85119.  This is were the application process begins.
For further information call 480-288-5174.