We offer Obedience Training in basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. In basic training, they will learn manners and the foundation for basic commands. In Intermediate training, they will learn their drills, rallies, weaving, greetings, shoulder passes, and much more. They will also be able to participate in the Monday morning task classes. Advanced training goes into side stepping, follow, back heels, mayday, airport training, and distraction training. Once they have completed advanced training, they will have moved to the service dog ring. We also provide Service Dog and Therapy Dog Training, which dive more into tasks oriented at providing for their owners.

In addition to our dog training services, we now offer Miniature Pony Service Animal Training and Rattlesnake Training.

Our classes operate in six (6) week cycles, with the last week of the rotation including progression testing to ensure advancement into the next class ring.

We also offer CGC testing, Urban CGC, and Advanced Urban CGC. We have our own certified evaluators to test the dogs, each coming with years of experience. These tests are all completed before they enter the Service Dog ring.