About Us

Paws 4 Life was created in 2007, and is a 501(c)(3) organization, a nonprofit organization, and a 100% volunteer organization. In addition to our several fund-raisers a year, we rely on donations to raise money to keep us going. At Paws 4 Life, we like to think of ourselves as a giant extended family.

We started with just 8 dogs, which then quickly became 23 dogs, and now the count continues to grow each and every day. As our organization expanded, we decided to move to the Apache Greyhound Park. There, we started out with simple orange cone circles, then upgraded to construction fencing. In 2015, we were finally able to construct real wood fencing training rings. We also have an agility arena.

To help our dogs reach their ultimate potential, we work hard to create a challenging environment for them to learn in. We are lucky enough to have support from Williams Gateway, who allow us to train for TSA checks, boarding and exiting planes, luggage, and exposure to people at airports. We also take our dogs to tour local schools to educate students about pet responsibility, and also to teach them the difference between a working service dog and somebody’s pet.

In partnership with different shelters and rescue groups, we have started up the animal food bank: Whiskers, Wags, and Whiny. The goal is to help people with hardships be able to keep their pets with assistance of food and some medical attention. We continue to grow, and hope that this continues on for quite some time.

To continue building a strong relationship with our community, we have created a student volunteer program and a scholarship program. We’ve also made it our mission to show that anyone can learn the skills needed to train and work with a service animal. In 2011, we had a group of hearing impaired volunteers come to the facilities, one of which continued on to become our first deaf trainer.


Do you love dogs, working with them, training them, or just playing with them, and meeting new people at the same time? Maybe you like helping to organize events, or even participate in them, then Paws 4 Life is for you! We welcome new volunteers all the time! We have many fun events that you would probably love to get involved with too! Paws 4 Life is like a big extended family. It is also a 100% volunteer run organization. We are always open to the public and love the public to get involved with our monthly meetings and our many different events. We offer a $25 Annual Membership.

Whiskers, Wags, & Whinny’s

Whiskers, Wags, & Whinny’s is another part of Paws 4 Life. They also have been joined by the Apache Junction Mounted Rangers, and Superstition Horsemen’s Association, to start up a food bank for dogs/cats/equines. It has become very apparent that due to the economy as it is,  job lay offs, and foreclosures, that many pets are being turned loose, or just left behind. Whiskers,Wags, & Whinny’s was formed in hopes to keep the pets with their owners, and not at the fate of being left, or hungry, or homeless. Paws 4 Life is all about pet owners and their pets, and being able to keep them together. Sometimes during hard times, food for their pets becomes an issue due to budget constraints. To date Whiskers , Wags, & Whinny’s has helped several pet owners be able to keep their pets. We hope to see this same success for years to come.